A collection of Which Hand routines so strong 17th-century villagers would have burned you at the stake before you could say ‘it’s in your left hand!’

Dear friend,


Before playing cards were invented, before coins existed, and long before rabbits were domesticated… 

 …what do you think was the very first magic trick? 

 Our money is on the Which Hand effect. 


We like to think that, even thousands of years ago, our ancestors were putting rocks in their hands and asking each other which hand was holding the object. 


We're probably wrong. 


But it’s undeniable that the Which Hand effect is an incredibly simple idea… 


The spectator hides an object in one of their hands…but the magician ALWAYS knows where it is. 


It’s so simple, so direct, and will absolutely destroy audiences when done well. 


Well, 7 days ago, we decided to learn every single Which Hand routine we could find on the internet. 


With the exception of routines that are out-of-stock or no longer available to purchase, we bought, studied and performed every single Which Hand effect on the market. 


For 168 hours, we lived, breathed, and slept Which Hand routines. 


While we did so, we also set ourselves ANOTHER challenge: 


To create our very own original Which Hand effect by the end of the 7 days!


To our surprise, by the end of the challenge, we had devised not one but THREE original Which Hand routines. 

We believe they contain some of the finest thinking that has ever been done on the effect, including 5 original effects, 3 original moves, and fresh handling on some of the most powerful existing principles.

Effect 1: The Witch Hand 

Here’s what this effect looks like… 
You show your spectator three objects—coins, dice, and playing cards. 
This routine consists of three phases. 
Phase 1: 
The spectator uses the result of a random coin toss, performed while you look away, to place that very same coin in one of their hands behind their back. You also place a coin in one of your hands. 

When both of you open up your hands, the coin is in the same hand! 
Phase 2: 
The spectator rolls a die while your back is turned and, based on the random result, places a die in one of their hands behind their back. You also place a die in one of your hands. 
When you both open up your hands, not only are the dice in the same hand—both die are showing the same number! 
Phase 3: 
The spectator deals down cards and stops when they like. They take their card, fold it up and place it in one of their hands behind their back. 

The spectator then freely picks a card from a different deck and gives it to you, and you do the same. 
When you both open your hands, not only is the folded card in the same hand—the cards, impossibly, are the same! 
'The Witch Hand' is, as far as we know, a completely original and revolutionary reworking of the Which Hand idea. 
Here’s the best part: 

Zero gimmicks (uses normal dice, coins, and playing cards)

Everything is examinable (no need for any hasty 'clean up')

100% hit rate (each outcome is completely guaranteed)

No questions asked or logic puzzles employed (everything feels as fair as we could make it)

Contains original sleights we have never seen before (that we'll be using in many more routines)

Surprisingly easy to master! (when Benji taught this to Jacob, he picked it up in one short session)

Effect 2: 'Influencer' 

Influencer is a super clean Which Hand routine using a single coin. 
This effect uses classic principles explored by other mentalists such as Mark Eldson and Manos Kartsakis, but frames them in a new way that we think is very deceptive and feels impossible. 
Here’s how the spectator will remember this effect… 
Your back is turned the whole time. The spectator feels like they can switch hand as many times as they want. You don’t ask them any questions. Yet at the end of it…

...you not only know which hand it’s in but can tell them all their choices, including whether the coin is showing heads or tails!

You ask zero questions (we personally prefer Which Hand plots that don't rely on asking a series of questions before we get to the reveal)

No guesswork (this will hit every time)

You reveal not just which hand the coin is in…but whether it is heads or tails! (and a 'bonus' piece of information the spectator only THOUGHT about)

Works with imaginary objects (if performed AFTER other Which Hand plots, this routine can 'cancel out' the other methods the spectator may be imagining)

You don’t need to present the routine as ‘truth teller vs liar’

Works over zoom or other virtual settings!

Effect #3: 'RB' 

The spectator shuffles a deck of cards.

They freely choose any one red card and any one black card. 

They then switch the position of the cards as many times as they like.

You ALWAYS know where the red card and black card are.

This routine makes for a great opener or first phase in an ‘out of this world’ routine, or even a ‘color divination’ effect.

This effect:

Requires zero sleight of hand 

Is incredibly clean (can be repeated as many times as you like and the method will remain just as invisible)

Does not use a marked deck

Easy to pick up (you'll have all the knowledge to start performing this within minutes of watching the tutorial)

So there you are...

As we hope you can tell, all of our best thinking, ideas, and effects on this topic are contained within 'The Witch Hand Project.'

These effects alone are easily worth the asking price. 

But as always, we're not done yet...

When you buy this product, you will also receive the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: Video Walkthrough of 'Guess Which Hand' by C. James Mclemore and the full pdf of Modern Coin Magic by Bobo ($10 value)

Inside Modern Coin Magic by Bobo is a fun effect using a Which Hand style presentation called 'Guess Which Hand' by C. James Mclemore. 
Here's the description of the effect, from Mclemore himself:

The performer takes the coin in his right hand, closes both hands into a fist, holds them about a foot apart and asks the spectator to touch the hand he thinks is holding the coin. The spectator is never right, or always right-at the discretion of the performer. 

The routine is continued for six or eight guesses, then the spectator is permitted two guesses. Still he fails to find the coin unless the magician desires. 

When a final choice is allowed the spectator fails to find the coin in either hand because it has vanished. 

When you purchase the Witch Hand Project, we’ll provide you with a video walkthrough of our handling of this classic routine. 

We'll also throw in a PDF of Modern Coin Magic, perhaps THE most influential coin magic book ever written.

Bonus 2: Bonus Notes including ideas from Ollie Mealing and Danny Goldsmith ($10 value)

This bonus contains...

Notes on a clever way you could modify and enhance the routines included in this project using a well-known magic product

Some 'napkin scribble' ideas from Danny Goldsmith on alternate presentations of 'The Witch Hand' 

A genius alternate method for RB kindly provided by Ollie Mealing (including a video walkthrough)

Now, before you buy this project...


If the thought of buying effects that were cooked up mere days ago goes against everything you stand for, please do not buy this product. We promise we will not be offended. 

Please just hit the ‘x’ on this window and come back for a product more suited to your taste.

However, we’re so confident that these routines are genuinely new, innovative ideas in the Which Hand world that we’ll make you the following offer:

Buy this product, test drive it, see if it really does what it says ‘on the box’.

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This money-back guarantee has no time limit.

If, after 5 years of successful performances, you have one bad experience with this effect and think to yourself ‘man, I can’t believe I paid those guys at The Daily Magician for this’, you can reach out and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

We honestly don’t know how we can be fairer than that.

Now, here’s the deal.

This bundle contains around $50 worth of magic.

It usually sells for $24.99. 

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