The Skyscraper Method (FULL COURSE)
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"When The Daily Magician team and I recently had a magic jam session together, the effects they showed me explained in the Skyscraper Method left me amazed. "

Danny Goldsmith
World Class Coin Magician

“Benji is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known! The site looks great and the material looks even better!”

Adam Grace
Co-founder of the Conjuror Community Magic Club

“You have a bright future!”

Aaron Fisher
World Class Card Magician and Author of the Paper Engine. 

"I’ve never seen anything even close to this in print.” (On our effect the final countdown.) 

Andy Choy
Ex-CEO of a famous Las Vegas Casino.

"For me, this was the missing link. I have tried a lot of ways to learn the Redford stack. From Memory Arts to Mnemonica Trainer. The skyscraper method just worked for me. It just gave me the tools to learn in the stack in small simple steps. These small steps kept me motivated. It's the little things that make the big difference."

Randy Hak
Magician and current Skyscraper Method Student

“I really enjoyed the thoughts about approaching the memorized deck and also the tips on how to work the mem deck into my current repertoire. I learned how to come up with ideas with the memorized deck and fit my existing routines with the memorized deck!”

Benjamin Wongyonze
Magician and current Skyscraper Method Student

"I love the ease of the method and all the stuff you guys put long with it. Thanks for this because I tried the Memory arts but didn’t really get too far. Now it’s so much easier."

Filip S.
Magician and current Skyscraper Method Student

"The whole idea, is great. The consecutive course structure makes it really easy to follow. I am not finished yet, but I already learned more about the memorized deck then in the last 5 years. The teaching style is also very casual and even not being a native speaker I understand everything."

"Two cool guys just changing the way you see card tricks. And casually opening a new dimension to magic."

Magician and current Skyscraper Method Student

"I am really enjoying your process...thanks for the incredible work you put in!"

Glen Macken
Magician and current Skyscraper method Student


Magician and current Skyscraper method Student

The Skyscraper Method (FULL COURSE)$0

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BONUS #1: The Skyscraper Method - The Book ($200 value)

BONUS #2: 30 Days Access To The Inner Circle ($120 value)

BONUS #3: 1-1 Coaching Call ($100 value)

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