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"How to use Zoom to perform groundbreaking card magic from the comfort of your home..."

In this INSTANT access download, you'll discover 5 'knockout' card routines to perform 'long distance'. 

PLUS an exclusive BONUS (more on that later...)

Here's a surprising fact...

There are a lot of diabolical ways to use Zoom to construct effects that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

This project was designed ‘from the ground up’ to take advantage of these principles. The result was a collection of the strongest possible effects you can perform ‘long distance.’

It’s hard-hitting, direct card magic you can perform over Zoom or any kind of video call.

You’ll unlock 5 astonishing effects. The methods are super clever and designed to ‘stack’ so that the previous effect actually sets you up for the next one…meaning you’re always ‘one step ahead’ of your audience.

Here’s what I especially love about this project:

The effects included aren’t off-the-wall math tricks and obvious self-workers.

That kind of stuff doesn’t impress anyone.

But being able to pull off effects like Oil and Water, Hand Sandwich or the Ambitious Card…well, those are the type of effects your audience would be lucky to see LIVE, let alone over Zoom.

And it’s all in this project.

Just take a look at what some of the best performers in the world have to say about it…

"With this new project of Alejandro Navas you will not only learn how to perform "miracles" in the hands of the spectators, you will also be able to connect with them at a deep level where astonishment and mystery will leave their mark "
- Adrian Lacroix

"These effects are magic in its purest state. Everything happens in the spectator hands!!!. The cleverness of Alejandro to design these routines is INCREDIBLE ! Thank you for this ! Some of these effects will become part of my professional repertoire."
- Luis Otero

Ale is one of the best and most creative magicians that I know. When I heard that he was putting together a new project on virtual magic I said SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, then when he performed for me and I felt the TRANSPOSITION happen by distance and in my OWN hands I almost die!!! This project will open you a whole new world of possibilities and that is one of the best things a RELEASE can do for us. Thank you Ale.
- Nicolas Pierri

"Those wishing to add some interactive card magic to their next Zoom show will find some clever thinking in the Evolution Project!."
- Shawn Farquhar

If you are one of those who think that the magic has ended... You are wrong, Alejandro Navas has made the magic change and continue to escalate. This material is more than incredible, since the deck is never touched. Simply FASCINATING!
- Ernesto Melero Empathy

"As a fan of the virtual magician I found this download to be an absolute GEM of using the technology and connecting with a spectator online. The real genius of this work is that the effects happen with the spectator's OWN cards as you create truly memorable moments. It's a though you can actually reach through the screen and either read their minds of somehow see and know their cards. " 

- Paul Romhany


I recently had a pretty crazy idea myself…

Imagine this.

Your audience picks ANY book off your bookcase. You look directly away from the screen (and yes, you really can't see the screen.)

You riffle through the pages and let them call out stop anywhere. (this is a FREE choice and there’s zero breaks or forces.)

They then look at a single word on the page (again, you really don't know what this is before it happens.)

You close the book up and leave it in view (so your audience can see you aren’t covertly looking through it.)

But despite all of the conditions above (conditions that are fairer than 99% of book tests out there) you INSTANTLY know the exact word they’re thinking of and can reveal it in any way you please…

NOTE: Clearly, you will need a webcam that allows spectators to see page numbers and words though. But if you have that, you're all set with an ideal trick to perform over Zoom.

Anyway, I’m throwing it in as a FREE bonus for people that grab the above offer. You have until the end of this week to claim yours if you want it.

Using the order form below, you can get INSTANT access to the Evolution Project and my exclusive bonus.

Secure yours before this offer expires!

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