“If enough people buy the Dolphin Shuffle, maybe the pain will go away!”

Dear friend, 

There we were—shivering, sweating, and praying we wouldn’t throw up on the bathroom floor.

We’d just eaten the world’s hottest (and second hottest) chilli pepper, and we were seriously regretting our choices.

Why did we do it?

We’d just shot a video trying to fool each other with different types of false shuffles.

Each time we were fooled, we had to eat a chilli pepper—getting gradually hotter and hotter until we came face to face with the Carolina Reaper, the world’s hottest chilli pepper.

(over 200 times hotter than the hottest jalapeno)

We ended the video by announcing the release of our latest project, a false shuffle called ‘The Dolphin Shuffle.’

The next day, as we stumbled out of bed after spending the majority of the night on the bathroom floor, we were both thinking the same thing:

 ”If enough people buy The Dolphin Shuffle, maybe the pain will be worth it!”

What is the Dolphin Shuffle? Why this shuffle is the most natural-looking false shuffle we’ve ever seen
The Dolphin Shuffle is an overhand style false shuffle that looks like this…
Actually, let’s play a game…

Here’s another video:
One of the above shuffles is false, and one is real.

Here’s what professional magician and card counter Steven Bridges said when we asked him to figure out which is which…

"I feel like I'm going to need to watch them both 50 times to get ANY idea which is the real one. I'm gonna go with the first one but really that's a guess. They're both so convincing, and the card flying out by 'accident' is such a great convincer. With false shuffles, if they look a bit haphazard and messy and little mistakes happen...that's great because it looks like you don't have control over the cards, or at least you're not handling the cards in a careful or precise way, which is exactly what you need with a false shuffle. Great stuff, very very fooling!"
Now, we’ll let you in on a secret—the false shuffle is actually the first video.

But as our friend and popular magic YouTuber The Card Mechanic said, the difference is "completely imperceptible."
The origin of the Dolphin Shuffle—and why it might not be right for you
We started by asking ourselves the following question:

“When we shuffle cards for real, what does it ACTUALLY look like?”

We sat down and spent a while just giving the cards a real overhand shuffle in the way we naturally would if someone handed us a deck of cards.

See, we think that the best type of false shuffle for you is the one that looks the MOST like the way you actually shuffle cards—because we think your sleights should look as similar to the ‘real thing’ as possible.

So if you rarely use the overhand shuffle, the Dolphin Shuffle might not be right for you.

(however, you will likely benefit from the two bonus shuffles you’ll get with this purchase—the vertical Zarrow and tabled Charlier.)

Personally, we almost always use an overhand shuffle, as we think it’s the most casual and natural-looking way to mix the cards—and unlike tabled shuffles, doesn’t give away our card-handling ability to the audience.

Here’s what our natural overhand shuffle looks like:
We’re willing to bet that this is also the ‘go to’ casual mode of shufflng for the vast majority of people (including many magicians.)

Once we had figured out exactly how we actually shuffle cards, we decided to try to invent a false shuffle that almost exactly mirrored that action.

The result is the Dolphin Shuffle.
We later also devised a simple method to create the chaotic image of a single card dropping from the deck while you shuffle.

This shuffle is:

Easy (you should be able to pick this up within 10-15 minutes)

Visually imperceptible (even when you know how it’s done, it’s incredibly hard to spot)

Casual (carefully crafted to mimic the way people actually shuffle cards)

Chaotic (the subtlety of a card dropping from the deck sells this shuffle HARD)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record:

The true power of this shuffle is how incredibly natural it looks and feels.

In fact, after working on this project, we were struggling to give the cards a ‘real’ overhand shuffle—the Dolphin Shuffle came so much more naturally and easily.

Now, here’s the deal:

You can get instant access to all our work on the Dolphin Shuffle when you purchase this product today.

NOTE: we realized after shooting this product and independently devising the method that the Dolphin Shuffle uses a similar concept to Ken Krenzel’s ‘Chopper shuffle’, found in Close-up Impact written by Stephen Minch.

(A shuffle also explored at by Eric Mead and John Kennedy in Closely Guarded Secrets and The Road to Riffsville by Michael Close.)

However, the Dolphin Shuffle pairs this concept with a very different mechanism and some extra subtleties that we personally think make it more convincing.

That said if you own any of the above books and would rather study the Chopper shuffle, be our guest :)

We'd also like to credit James Dickson with working on a similar idea in his 'Fauxverhand' shuffle project, released through Ellusionist in 2015. This project is no longer for sale but we highly recommend checking out his other work!

Of course, it’s not JUST the Dolphin Shuffle you’re getting when you purchase this project.

You’ll also get access to these two BONUS shuffles…
BONUS Shuffle 1: The Vertical Zarrow

The Zarrow shuffle is one of the most popular tabled false shuffles in magic, and for good reason.

However, to accomplish this shuffle you need to push the cards together in a rush and use your hands to help cover the sleight that makes it all possible.

The Vertical Zarrow introduces a way to slow down the shuffle and push the cards together slowly and without covering the deck with your hands.

Benji first stumbled on this idea while he was living in Macedonia nearly two years ago, but we haven’t put it out there until now.

You’ll get the complete handling on this move when you purchase this product.

BONUS Shuffle 2: The tabled Charlier shuffle
The Charlier shuffle is a very sneaky way to make it look like you’re mixing the cards in your hands, when of course you’re doing anything but that.

We’ve been working on a method to perform this shuffle using a table rather than your hands, and we think it looks even better than the usual method.

This shuffle is, admittedly, far less refined than the previous two—but we think you’ll still find it fascinating.

You’ll get it for free as part of your purchase.
Summary—everything you’re getting, and our 100% refund guarantee
When you purchase this product, you’ll get complete access to the Dolphin Shuffle, the Vertical Zarrow shuffle, and the Tabled Charlier shuffle.

All for just $19.95.

Are we offering a refund guarantee?

If you’ve bought from us before, you know that we always want our customers to be able to buy ‘risk free’ and with full confidence that they’ll only pay for a product if they like it.

That’s why this product is covered by a 100% ‘no questions asked’ LIFETIME refund guarantee.

You can buy this project today, learn every false shuffle included, use them in your set for the next decade…

…and if at any point you suddenly think this project wasn’t worth the money, you can drop us an email and we will refund you in full.

We don’t know how to do it any more fair than that.

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