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We run a podcast named 'Of Sleights and Men.'

On this podcast, we interview some of the world's best magicians.

Nearly every time we’ve interviewed these magicians on our podcast, we’ve recorded a 'bonus' session that goes deep into concepts and secrets that we didn't share on the main podcast. 

We collected those training and put together 'The Daily Magician Tapes.'

We want as many magicians as possible to benefit from the ideas shared in these pieces of training...which is why we're letting YOU decide how much you want to pay for the tapes. Whatever you can afford, you pay.

(The minimum we're asking for is $0.50 - but that's just to cover our transaction fees and make sure that we don't LOSE money on every purchase.)

There's even more good news...

When you buy this product, you'll get access to all the tapes we've already created...AND all the tapes we record going forward. 

In other words, you'll get LIFETIME access to every future Daily Magician Tape we create. 

Here are just some of the 29 exclusive pieces of training you’ll discover immediately:

1. Roberto Giobbi - author of Card College and legendary magician

In this exclusive tape from one of the most respected magicians in the world, you’ll discover…

  • What the author of Card College has to say on ‘The Royal Road to Card Magic’ (his insights will probably change the way you look at both books)
  • A misunderstood question that became one the GREATEST answers we’ve ever been given
  • What Giobbi has learned from his library of over 3,500 titles in 17 languages and 30 YARDS of magazines.
  • Why Card College is both the ‘primary school’ and ‘high school’ of magic learning.
  • Why not knowing how to describe your little finger can make it very hard to perform a good pinky count (and how Card College fixes this)

2. Harapan Ong - Physicist, Innovator, and Sleight of Hand King

  • The impressive power of empathy (and how to harness it…)
  • What it takes to write INCREDIBLE card magic (and why you should start doing it right now…)
  • How Harapan Ong wrote one of the best magic books ever written!
  • Why you can never fully understand a topic unless you can explain it to a child.
  • The Richard Fineman quote that ‘disses’ the arts, but inspired Harapan Ong’s work.

3. Denis Behr - Magic Scholar and Sleight of Hand Master

This exclusive interview with Denis Behr includes...

  • The reason Denis Behr tells people NOT to use the memorized deck (he's only half-joking here)
  • Why Denis thinks the memorized deck is IRREPLACEABLE (while the bottom deal can be easily substituted)
  • His insights on a famous quote from Pit Hartling’s book ‘In Order to Amaze,’ and why it’s one of the best descriptions of the raw power of a memorized deck
  • Denis Behr’s thoughts on Marlo’s faro notes (he might of been one of the first people to ever ‘properly’ study them)
  • Our discussion on fractal patterns and the memorized deck (and why they’re far more similar than you’d think)

4. Pit Hartling - Hilarious, Ingenious and Impressively Humble


  • Pit’s description of the memorized deck and why he believes using it gives any magician an instant ‘head start’.
  • Why it’s so important that your audience ALWAYS believe that the deck is shuffled.
  • The story behind when Pit Hartling was first exposed to the mem deck…
  • Pit Hartling’s favorite memorized deck routine and why he simply can’t stop performing it!  
  • Behind the scenes on the inspiration for duplicity (Pit Hartling’s famous Poker Hand routine…)

5. Jonah Babins - The Secrets To Achieving Success In Magic (And Life)

In this tape, you'll discover...

  • What Jonah Babins has learnt from 250 episodes of Discourse in Magic.
  • Which podcast guest surprised Jonah the most and why.
  • The importance of being humble (and why Mat Franco is a perfect example of that)
  • Why Michael Ammar is still the best of the best (and also a TikTok star)
  • How Daniel Garcia generates ‘type 4’ luck.
  • Jonah’s favorite question to ask guests.

6. Morgan and West-Magicians, time-travelers & all-round spiffing chaps

In this exclusive tape, you'll discover:

  • The drama behind Penn’s accusation of a deck switch and why he was just PLAIN WRONG.
  • The real trick to fooling Penn and Teller (it ISN'T what you think)
  • Why Morgan and West decided to perform one of their hardest routines EVER their first time on National TV.
  • The secret behind Ben Earl’s Penn and Teller routine (he ACTUALLY has otherworldly powers)
  • How Ben Earl fooled Morgan and West OVER and OVER and without them seeing ANYTHING.

7. Andi Gladwin—co-founder of Vanishing Inc

When we recently interviewed Andi Gladwin, we decided to ‘cut’ a 5-minute block from the main podcast.

It’s a perfect example of the REAL secret to becoming a great magician.  

In this tape, you’ll be able to listen to the complete ‘exclusive’ with Andi—along with our analysis of why what he said was so important to understand.  

You’ll discover…

  • Andi’s advice on ‘work/life balance’ as a magician (and why he’s the wrong person to ask for advice on this topic!
  • A $5000 problem that woke Andi up in the middle of the night (and how he ‘flipped’ the situation on its head within minutes)
  • How Andi takes his mind off of running a magic company (the answer will make you laugh, then you’ll realise how fitting it is)
  • The real reason Andi physically can’t stop working on magic (if you have this attitude too, you’re doing it right)
  • Our most hard-won discoveries on staying motivated to practice magic (and why ‘motivation’ itself is the WRONG thing to focus on)
  • How to do 34 habits every single day—without EVER missing a day (this is Benji’s ‘secret weapon’)

8. Moritz Mueller—the Mozart of Magic?

In this exclusive interview, you’ll discover…

  • The one misdirection tool most magicians don’t use enough (that will also make you a better person)
  • Moritz’ top 5 favorite magic books of all time (and the lessons he learned from them)
  • Why Pit Hartling’s books are such essential reading for magicians
  • An explanation of the Pit Hartling subtlety that I use in so many of my best effects (it’s pure genius)
  • How to perform a ‘Shuffled Card At Any Number’ effect that, according to Moritz, looks very similar to a routine by the great Denis Behr
  • A difficult but very fooling approach to performing the ‘Weighing the Cards’ effect (if you have any questions about this one, just shoot me an email and I’ll happily clarify it)
  • How Moritz met Juan Tamariz the first time
  • Mortiz’ hilarious story about the first time he attended the famed ‘Spanish School’ meetup
  • How Moritz met David Williamson (and why you should listen VERY carefully whenever Dave speaks)

9. Danny Goldsmith - the world's most skilled coin magician

This audio training explores a whole range of Danny's ideas, including...  

  • The big problem Danny sees with most coin magic training, including ‘classics’ like Bobo (and the smart way to master coin magic instead)
  • An essay written by Eric Jones that Danny recommends every magician read
  • The ONE thing it’s crucially important to understand from the start (if you don’t do this, you’re causing yourself a lot of ‘clean up’ work later down the line)
  • Magicians that Danny is inspired by
  • The one simple yet profound concept that let Eric Mead FRY Danny with an ‘easy’ coin vanish and the single sentence he uttered afterward that changed Danny’s entire performing style (most magicians skim over this, but the real pros come back to it time after time)
  • Why Slydini is such a master magician
  • How to invoke ‘playful wonder’ into your performances
  • A ‘behind the scenes’ story about Mario Lopez’ infamous Fool Us moment where he made his nipple vanish

 10. Alice Pailhès—the French scientist on the cutting edge of misdirection

In this exclusive interview, we discuss…

  • Magic in France (and why probably never heard of a ‘BIG’ french magician)
  • Why if you’re trying to impress a french girl, you should ALWAYS use ‘mentalism.’
  • How wearing round glasses and speaking in an english accent can get you infinite ‘gigs’
  • The ‘ins and outs’ of perform for international audiences (and what never to do with an American audience)
  • How Jacob’s impersonation of Sherlock landed him a performance in front of over 700 people!

11. Benji and Jacob—presenting ‘The Daily Magician’s most coveted secret’

In this training from yours truly, you’ll discover…

  • The origin of our ‘thinking differently’ technique, and how you can implement it in your magic
  • Why reading magic books won’t help you outperform other magicians
  • Why magicians get ‘trapped’ inside magic (and why this attitude is wrong)
  • A concept we borrowed from a book called ‘The Lean Startup’ that can shave months off of the time it takes you to build a new act (the same strategy used by the world’s most innovative Silicon Valley tech companies)
  • How the business strategy of ‘pivoting’ can create memorized deck miracles that are truly ‘one of a kind’
  • An exercise used by attendees of $25,000 price seminars that shows you how to dramatically improve your skill set...by learning about hobbies you have ZERO interest in!
  • How to get 50% better at magic without putting in crazy amounts of work (we discovered this by reading a book about business management called ‘The Personal MBA’ live on the call)

12. Steven Bridges—street magic ‘guru’ and YouTube star

In this exclusive interview, we reveal...

  • The most EXPLICIT content we’ve ever put in The Daily Magician Tapes (your personal ‘peep show’ into some hardcore methods)
  • Benji's 'personal best' time for memorizing a deck of cards (Steven was gobsmacked when he heard this)
  • Steven Bridges' view on the faro shuffle, and how our ‘liberating method’ might just have changed his mind.
  • Why the ability to memorize 13 cards in under 1 minute is a ‘must’ for any aspiring magician.
  • How Benji got so good at the memorized deck he beat an American WORLD CHAMPION at his own skill.
  • Steven Bridge’s ‘naked truths’ on the memorized deck.

13. Michael Rubinstein—the 21st century Bobo

In this exclusive interview, you’ll discover...

  • Why Dr. Rubinstein changed his mind about performing on Penn and Teller (when he first heard about it, he had zero interest in going on)
  • How Dr. Rubinstein ‘bluffed’ his way onto the show
  • Legendary magician Paul Gertner’s advice on performing for TV
  • How to make your moves and patter ‘line up’ (this concept seems simple, but it’s incredibly profound)
  • The one technique Dr. Rubinstein while practicing that made New York citizens think he was crazy (and that’s saying something)
  • How Dr. Rubinstein planned to ‘outfox’ Penn and Teller with one of his original techniques (I wasn’t expecting him to reveal how this one worked, but he really went into detail)
  • The method used by David Roth to ‘end clean’ during the Wild Coin plot
  • Dr. Rubsintein’s advice on staying calm and collected while performing for Penn and Teller

14. David Regal - Where Brilliant Creativity Meets Hilarious Comedy

When we had David Regal on the podcast, we were eager to produce an ‘exclusive’ tape to add to our Daily Magician Tapes collection.

But even we weren’t ready for what David dropped next...

He started by sayings something along the lines of:

“I hate telling this story.”

By then, he had our attention up.

Next, he revealed…

  • What nearly all students of the ‘arts’ have in common (that most magicians don’t do enough of)
  • David’s problem with the way magicians think about ‘stories’ (and what the REAL definition of story is in magic)
  • The story from David’s ‘early years’ that contains the BEST advice he’s ever been given—that also happened to be the hardest to hear! (David was reluctant to share this story, but it has the power to change your magic)
  • Why just practicing the ‘moves’ of an effect is not NEARLY enough
  • A single sentence Meir Yedid told David that has the power to affect EVERY routine you create from this point onward

15. John Guastaferro - where public speaking and magic meet

John Guastaferro, in addition to being an incredible magician and author of the popular magic book One-Degree, is also actively involved in philanthropy, business and keynote speaking. 

In this exclusive interview, he reveals...

  • How he uses magic in keynote speeches and why it’s such a powerful tool.
  • The power of being on stage (and why you should assume that everyone is ready to be inspired)
  • The exact 4 sentence ‘mantra’ John recites before every performance
  • How to be a great public speaker (John’s top tips)
  • Why being an ‘expert’ does not necessarily make you a good speaker (and why speaking is about so much more than reciting facts)
  • Why John Guastaferro believes that knowledge is in fact NOT power (and what real power is)
  • The three things John believes you need to be successful in business
  • The power of smiling (and why you should do it constantly)
  • Why calling your performance an ‘act’ is an incomplete definition (and how you should think about it instead)

16. Jason Ladanye - The James Bond of Magic

Jason Ladanye is a professional, award-winning sleight-of-hand entertainer, who has been professionally performing card magic around the world for the last twenty years. 

So basically, if you ask him what the top five magic books of all time are... 

 ...you get a pretty incredible list of books. 

 And that’s exactly what we did, in this ‘Daily Magician Tape.

In this exclusive interview he reveals: 

His top five list of magic books (plus a few books he told us are a MUST read…)

17. Joel Dickinson - A Real Worker

In this exclusive interview, he reveals...

  • The WORST advice Joel Dickinson ever received (we guarantee it’s guidance you’re shamelessly following…) 
  •  Why you should never start with one of your best effects (it’s ALL downhill from there.) 
  •  Why all your close up magic has to be REALLY, REALLY strong (and why routines fall apart otherwise) 
  •  How to put an audience at ease, and why if you don’t you might die a ‘quick death’ (metaphorically speaking…)

18. Nicholas Lawrence - King of Visual Magic

In this exclusive segment, Nicholas Lawrence gives...

  • A definitive answer to the gimmicks vs sleight of hand debate. 
  • His tips on creation and the reason why you must ALWAYS have an open mind (so many magicians fail because they don’t know what that really means…) 
  • How to get inside of the head of a ‘layman’ and how this cheat code can help you create infinite original magic. 
  • The mindset all magicians should have when performing (and why you’ll ‘never leave home without it’ again.)

19. Jeff Copeland - Make Beautiful Magic 

In this exclusive segment, you can expect...

  • Jeff Copeland’s best tips for REALLY effective practice. 
  •  How Jeff Copeland ended up practicing magic for 8 hours a day (and why you DON’T have to do the exact same…) 
  • How to practice magic even while you’re reading a THRILLING novel, or walking to work. 
  • How to make your magic natural (and the traps many magicians fall into when they hear this buzzword.) 
  • Why taking off in a plane from LAX airport has EVERYTHING to do with great magic practice.

20. Matt Baker - Math Whiz and Magic Mastermind

  • The reason why Juan Tamariz records magic performances with not one, not two, but FOUR cameras. 
  • How Matt Baker got a one-way ticket to Juan’s place in Spain. 
  •  What it’s like to work with the master (and why jet lag is NEEDED when you’re visiting with Juan.)
  •  The CRAZY magic lesson Juan Tamariz taught Matt Baker (that’s so simple you’ll be able to apply it in minutes.)

21. Ken Dyne - Exceptional mentalist and expert marketer

If you don’t already know Ken Dyne is a British mentalist who’s been performing for over 17 years. 

 And just ONE of his claims to fame is he has one of the most bought Penguin Magic lectures—ever. 

Basically, all you need to know is this man has ‘the chops’ when it comes to magic performance, and is constantly booked for corporate events. 

So when it came to recording this exclusive segment for all of you, we couldn’t resist asking… 

"What was the most memorable corporate performance you’ve had?" 

And while his answer was equally as interesting as it was hilarious, the tip he gave us next was massively illuminating!

22. John Gaspard - A Very Magical Author Indeed

John Gaspard spent decades in the corporate entertainment industry (which is where we got to know magicians so well) in this audio training he goes over: 

*Why some magicians believe they're Harry Potter (and why that's the worst mistake anyone could make) 

*How to captivate large audiences (and how you can lose their attention in mere seconds.) 

*The most embarrassing moment he's ever suffered through (and how an entire magician's performance was ruined by a single camera.) 

Now, that's not the entire collection of tapes. Just the highlights. 

(there are 8 more pieces of training you'll discover on purchase!) 

When you claim this product, you'll get an instant access link that will automatically deliver the tapes to you digitally. 

How much does all the above cost?

Well, let me explain...

This collection started out at $3.

Then we moved the price up to around $20.

And finally, in our recent promotion, we gave them to you at about $9.

Overall, it’s been a bit of a mess…

But we have a pretty good ‘excuse.’

The problem is—we keep getting new tapes!

You see, this is not a static product—it’s constantly evolving and growing with new additions to the collection.

And that makes it very difficult to price.

With guests such as Andi Gladwin, Roberto Giobbi, and Dr. Rubinstein…

...you could say the knowledge held in ‘The Daily Magician Tapes’ is priceless.


When we say ‘priceless’, don’t worry. We’re not going to start charging you millions for this.

Quite the opposite…


We’re only going to charge you as much as you want to pay!

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To summarize:

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So please contribute as much or as little as you want when purchasing your copy of the Daily Magician Tapes, and do enjoy the WEALTH of knowledge found within.

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