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So powerful, you might just fool yourself (in fact, for the first few years of performing this, I had no idea how it worked—and it really felt like magic!)

Works completely ‘hands-off’ (your spectator can handle the cards the whole time!)

Is laughably easy (but still hits harder than many of the so-called ‘advanced’ routines)

Literally lets you implant ‘false memories’ in your audience (this is about as close as you can get to ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ in real life)

Draws on devious Juan Tamariz subtleties (that make the whole thing feel so ‘fair’ when it’s really anything but)

Is a masterclass in using ‘verbal misdirection’

Uses a presentation that makes it feel like the spectator has complete control (when really, they don’t—it’s a ‘hol lot of fun to play with)

Works over video call perfectly (i usually hate ‘zoom magic’, but this is the exception)

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