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"How savvy performers are using this lost principle from a 20th-century mentalist to fool Penn and Teller!"

In the video above, a magician named Siegfried Tiber FOOLS Penn and Teller by finding their cards...after they're 'hopelessly' lost in the deck!

Little do Penn and Teller know, the secret behind this stunning routine is inspired by an extraordinarily simple principle first discussed by legendary mentalist Theodore Annneman and recently ‘rebooted’ by Juan Tamariz.

This effect is called 'Neither Blind nor Stupid', and for the next four days, using the form below, you can get INSTANT access to step-by-step training on this showstopper. 

Here's what one magician had to say about it...

“This is a trick that fooled Penn & Teller!! Do I need to say more?? Easy to do, just give it the window dressing it deserves and you will have a miracle. Pretty much a self working trick, no real sleights involved. I have used this several times now and it has never failed to get gasps and WTF type responses!! So what are you waiting for???”

BONUS Video: Watch Juan Tamariz perform 'Neither Blind nor
Stupid' in his classic 'crazy' style below...

Juan Tamariz is undoubtedly the ‘king of crazy’ … but don’t let that fool you. His method is ingenious will fool both magicians and regular spectators alike!

In this instant access training, you'll discover:

* Why Juan thinks ‘presentation’ is NOT the most important aspect of an effect (and why most magicians get this plain wrong!)

* A bizarre metaphor Juan shares that illustrates more about magic in 2 minutes and 4 seconds than most 2 hour lectures
(that frankly is worth the cost of admission alone)

* Why Juan goes ‘crazy’ performing this effect and what it would look like if he didn’t (the result is practically unwatchable)

* TWO easy but fooling false shuffles I haven’t seen ‘tipped’ before

* How Juan literally creates ‘false memories’ in his audience
(this is as close to Jedi mind tricks as you can get)

* Why revealing two cards the same way is a huge mistake (and what to do instead)

* How to end with a ‘kicker’ ending that destroys audiences (by showing them the EXACT secret behind the effect without anyone realising!)


As an extra bonus for folk that grab theirs before the end of the week, I’ve included an alternative handling by yours truly that ‘cleans up’ this routine so you can immediately let your audience examine the cards afterward (this is a handling that you can’t find anywhere else.)

My method that is NEARLY identical—but with one key difference that allows you to ‘end clean’ and triple the potential power of this effect!

It’s a pretty simple concept, but it didn’t occur to me for a long time. Now that I have it, I would never perform it any other way.

This secret isn’t taught in the main training, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Luckily for you, when you secure ‘Neither Blind nor Stupid’ using the link at the bottom of this email, I’ll give it to you for FREE.

Anyway, that bonus (along with this offer) will disappear at midnight on Sunday.

But for the next couple hours, you can get INSTANT access using the order form below. 

Secure yours now and enjoy discovering Tamariz's genius!

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