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Darwin Ortiz at The Card Table (and a special FREE bonus) 

Darwin Ortiz is a MASTER of close-up card magic and gambling techniques. 

Having spent DECADES deceiving others with his uncanny skills, Darwin is finally sharing on video some of his best secrets, plus some new, unpublished material.

In this instant-access download, you'll discover 6 of Darwin's BEST effects, including:

Fast Company -
One of the most convincing versions of Triumph you'll ever perform. Thanks to a great new presentational angle, it may also be the most entertaining.

Jacks Or Better -
Darwin's latest handling of this highly commercial gambling routine from Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table.

Hard Target -
A two-phase sandwich effect that seems to present an uncanny demonstration of skill.

The New Back Off -
Start with four double-backed cards and 'magicially' print faces on each. If you are a fan of packet tricks, this is one of THE most convincing packet tricks that you will ever perform.

Card Sense -
A baffling triple card divination. A multiple selection routine that is sure to stun and fool!

Appointment in Samarra -
A unique effect and a powerful presentation that will create a memorable experience for your audience.

Plus Darwin's expert insight into presentation and theory (this stuff is worth the 'cost of admission' alone!)

But that's not all...
BONUS: Get Jason Ladanye At The Table for FREE!

Since Darwin is one of my favorite magicians, I wanted to do something a little special for this one. 

So, here it is:

3 lucky people that grab this download will instantly (at zero additional cost) receive 'Jason Ladanye At the Table' for FREE! ($8 value.)

Jason is a lifelong student of Darwin's, and his card magic is both beautiful and fooling as heck. Here's what he covers in this session:

Nick of Time: A race against the clock to locate eight cards in sixty seconds. This one is a real crowd pleaser, building suspense to the last second. This uses a regular deck and can be done anytime and anywhere, and is one of the strongest effects in Jason's next book.

A Numbers Game (Ladanye's ACAAN): Jason gives a stunning demonstration of his ability to shuffle track cards. He follows the position of a selection as it changes during shuffles and cuts. A moment later, the performer causes any card to move to any position in the deck. Laymen walk away thinking you're a serious threat at the card table.

Big Stack: Here's an amazing and entertaining gambling routine. Jason stacks queens, kings, and aces in just two shuffles. This gambling routine plays like a magic trick. The spectators can know nothing about poker and still find this routine incredibly fascinating.

Game Changer: You play a simple two-card game against the spectator. You end up with your back against the wall, and the audience knows you cannot win this game-until you win in the most unexpected way possible.

Forging Ahead: Jason moves a spectator's signed initials from the FACE of one card, to the FACE of another card. This is one of the strongest tricks in his book, Confident Deceptions, and one of the easiest to do!

Lucky Charms: This is an effect that spectators just can't comprehend. A folded card in view ends up being the spectator's signed selection. The best part is that they never see the ending coming.

Pinky Count: For anyone that's ever had difficulty with a "Pinky Count", or simply wanted to learn how to make your "Pinky Count" imperceptible, Jason runs through techniques for you to go from zero to hero!

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