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"What I'm so confused it's literally gone, that's so cool I... I... I... I'm speechless"

"I've watched this eight times and still don't know how to do it"


"My brain is hurting. But in a good way. That's awesome!!"


"Dude where do they go"


"Sir, you have talent."


"I've studied this and I'm completely fooled"


"Starting to think the guy really has magical powers."


"You are a true magician."

CD3PO by WOJ Magic$27.75

Included in the product: 

1. The 'Unretention Vanish'

* This is NOT 'the drop' (which is why it'll fool magicians and lay people alike)

* Will teach you how to manipulate timing with the flow of your body (this may sound strange, but magicians do this ALL the time - minute 3:56)

* Chris's 'go-to trick' with CD's (that can be performed in a completely impromptu setting...)

* The trick to making a large CD almost completely invisible (this can be done with one hand, and only takes a few seconds to understand - minute 5:33)

2. The 'CD Slide Switch' 

* Incorporates a classic finger palm from coin magic in an ingenious fashion (minute 0:50) 

* Why body positioning of just a few inches is MAKE or BREAK when it comes to a color change illusion like this one. 

* How to make gravity work like a machine gun (minute 4:21) 

* How to make CD 'do the work for you' simply by placing them in the right order (this trick is a real self-worker once you get a few basic mechanics down...)

3. The 'Freakout Vanish Routine'  

* Incorporates a genius display of misdirection (that shines new light on the magicians rule 'never do the same trick twice.') ​

* Features a crucial tip on t-shirt coloring, and reveals why you might have just been wearing the wrong color this whole time (minute 5:10)

* How to make a falling object ENTIRELY invisible (without any unnatural movements...) ​

* Requires VERY LITTLE sleight of hand (mostly misdirection)

4. The 'Combo Mombo CD and Record Routine' 

* Allows you to both make appear and vanish a Vinyl FOUR TIMES the size of your head as if it was nothing (when you find out where he's hiding it, you'll be forced to laugh...)

* Makes use of the fabled ‘magic wand principle’ (minute 1:43)

* Literally makes you look as if you took two CDs and turned them into a huge Vinyl.

* Teaches you how to produce absolutely NO SOUND while performing this routine - despite throwing around 2 CDS and a Vinyl (minute 5:46)
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