“He can’t keep getting away with this…”
1 timeless principle, 8 knockout effects, 3 FREE bonus routines—Ollie Mealing finally shares his EASY system for effortlessly powerful card magic.
Dear friend,

About 6 months ago, Ollie Mealing told us about a simple system he uses to create incredibly fooling magic that can be performed anytime, anywhere—with ANY deck of cards.

If you don’t know Ollie, here’s what Derren Brown had to say about his work…

“Magnificent. So rare to be fooled and delighted.”

This system is based on one laughably easy principle that pretty much every magician on earth is aware of.

Ollie shared 8 effects with us, all based on this idea, and we were blown away by their quality and deceptiveness.

Not only are they easy enough that you’ll be able to master them in a half hour or so of practice, they’re so cleverly assembled that they’ve fooled some of the best card magicians in the world.

So when Ollie asked us if we’d be interested in producing a project teaching these effects on his behalf—we were instantly on-board.

We dove into the effects, learned them, and then put our own handling and spin on them.

This project was a JOY to put together, and as soon as we started filming we got incredibly excited about sharing it with you.

Before we show you the performance videos, here are a few ‘parameters’ that are true for ALL of the following 8 effects:

  • ZERO forces
  • 100% impromptu
  • The deck can be PROPERLY shuffled before you begin
  • ZERO pre-work
  • ZERO gimmicks
  • Beginner level sleight of hand ONLY
  • The deck can be borrowed 

Essentially, the perfect criteria for impactful yet easy impromptu card magic.

Well, we’ve talked enough, let’s show you the effects themselves…

1. The Dark Side

Very easy to learn and perform (essentially zero sleight of hand required)

Devilishly clever in its method (once you know the secret you’ll instantly start thinking of other ways to apply it!)

Fast to perform (a perfect easy opener)

The card can be revealed however you like (this was just one performance method!)

2. Secret Agent

Nearly impossible to ‘reverse engineer’

Extremely visual (for a trick that requires basic sleight of hand it creates a very powerful memory for the spectator)

Well motivated and structured (we weren’t sure how to ‘motivate’ the method, but Ollie’s done a fantastic job of scripting it all!)

Fast and fun (it involves the spectator in a really great way and is extremely enjoyable to perform)

3. Behind The Curtain

Features an original move that you could use in SO many other performances to powerful effect

Can be adapted to other modes of performing (we’ll show you an alternate method in the tutorial video!)

Can be revealed any way you like (this was just one way of performing it!)

4. Trapdoor

Probably the second easiest trick of the bunch (you’ll have it down within a few attempts)

Fools magicians (Ollie Mealing first showed this to Christian Grace who was fooled by it!)

Disgustingly simple to do

5. Blindspot

So simple you can start performing it the moment the tutorial video ends

Uses a powerful method that’s truly ‘hidden in plain view’

All happens in the spectators hands

6. Tap Dance

Very fooling (we had NO IDEA how this one worked when Ollie first showed it to us!)

Can be applied to a TON of other routines (we applied the principle to a stacked deck with very interesting results)

Everything looks extremely chaotic, messy and unplanned

Makes you look like an expert card handler (when really you’re doing very basic work!)

7. Banger

Is performed in a very compact manner that makes reverse engineering the method very difficult

Requires just one easy move to make it all work

Very motivated

The reveal can customised to your situation

8. Crocodile Z

Very workable and powerful (can slot into any routine)

Uses a very well-known sleight in a way we've never seen done before

Can fool magicians!

Now you’re probably wondering, for a project with this many effects—the price tag must be pretty high.

See, most magic companies price individual effects of this quality at around $10 at LEAST.

That would make the total value of this project $80!

(and that’s not even including the bonuses!)

However, we’re selling it for just $29.95!

And we’re not done giving you value yet…

Here are 3 FREE bonuses you'll get on purchasing...
BONUS 1: Performance
An alternative handling on one of the original routines that was more natural and motivated for us!
BONUS 2: Performance
An alternative handling of one of the above routines, combined with an advanced card magic technique that gives you an instant and seemingly impossible card reveal.

You’ll get these variations completely for FREE when you buy this project. 
BONUS 3: Straight To The Point
ANOTHER powerful effect from the mind of Ollie Mealing based on this principle.

Here's what it looks like...

Your spectator shuffles the cards, and you spread them face down on the table. They select a single card in a very fair way, and then shuffle the deck. You spread the cards face up and instantly reveal their chosen card. 

You'll get this effect for free when you purchase this product. 
Summary—everything you’re getting and our 100% refund guarantee
You're getting 8 effects and 3 FREE bonus routines, weighing in at over 2 hours 17 minutes of content!

On top of everything else, we’re willing to offer you a 100% LIFETIME REFUND guarantee.

That means if at ANY point you want your money back you’ll have it.

For example, say you actually get to performing this stuff and your annoying nephew calls you out on every trick.

Just drop us an email and we’ll have your money back before you can even start getting mad.

(of course, we think your annoying nephew will actually like these tricks...so don't fret)

If you're interested, buy now below...

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