The ONLY problem with classic magic books.

Dear friend,

You might laugh when you hear this…

But the only problem with classic magic books - is when you can’t understand them!

Okay, let us explain:

Classic magic books are the GREATEST thing in all magic if…

1. You give them your full attention.

2. You have a good grasp of old English.

3. You’re able to easily modernize routines upon reading them e.g. substitute handkerchiefs and card trays.

4. You can learn magic from reading - many of us have been spoilt by endless video tutorials.

This is the reason we’ve put so much effort into creating an index and commentary for classic magic books - to try and make them more accessible to the general populace.

Today however, we’ve gone one step further, in an attempt to target all the key issues above.

We’ve taken classic magic books and transferred them into easy, video-based tutorials.

And we’re excited to announce we’ll be starting with none other than…

202 Methods of Forcing by Theodore Annemann.

(a book written by a renowned mentalist who’s inspired a whole generation of magicians.)

Here’s what one magician in our Inner Circle, Itiro Kariya, had to say about his book…

“202 Methods of Forcing by Theodore Annemann is one of the first public domain books I found… 

The description of the forces are very short… When I read the methods my knowledge of magic was very basic, so I caught myself scratching my head a lot of times, and eventually, the book got lost in the digital maze of my backup files.”

Maybe a lot of you have had a similar experience.

You start reading a classic magic book with all the good intentions in the world - but eventually it ends up lost in your library.

This is a HUGE issue, and one that we think is such a horrible waste of fantastic magic from ages past.

So we're doing something about it!

As we said, starting with this book - we’re going to make a video course for each and every book in our collection.

Now a quick DISCLAIMER:

The point of this video course is NOT to show you what a FISM award winning magician would do with the methods.

We’ll be very open with you - if you’re looking for sleight of hand guru’s and flawless form - we’re not your guys.

But we do LOVE magic, and we have spent a HUGE amount of time going over classic magic books in an attempt to make them more accessible.

If you’re looking for a video and written guide…

…that will give you a quick and easy way to digest a book you know you should read - but struggle to find the time and concentration for… 

This course is for you.

We’ve picked out the best forces in the book, discussed how we believe they could be modernized and made each one into a quick 2-5 minute video clip that you can easily follow along with at home.

AGAIN, we’re sure many of you could perform these forces better than we can - but that’s not the point of this.

If you’re looking for perfect sleights, go find Jay Sankey.

But if you want to finally enjoy classic magic books the way we do - and learn some of the best methods, taught by the greatest teachers of our century (e.g. greats such as Theodore Annemann) - you’re in the right place.

When it came to picking the forces we wanted to record on video, and give commentary/additions for - it was a very grueling process. 

There are of course 202 forces in the book, but we wanted to get it down to something you could process and learn within an hour. 

So here it goes... the 22 card forces we’ve 'cherry-picked' and gone over in detail!

(We've also added our own modern twist to quite a few of them...)

The Miscount Force - A genius method for placing a card at ANY chosen number, completely impromptu and the spectator is the one dealing the cards!

The Number Force - You shuffle the deck and deal out 3 random cards, the spectator picks ANY of the cards (no magicians choice here) and you count down the value of the card in the deck, they land at your forced card!

The Number Force - You shuffle the deck and deal out 3 random cards, the spectator picks ANY of the cards (no magicians choice here) and you count down the value of the card in the deck, they land at your forced card!

The Visual Force - You riffle through the deck and tell the spectator to glimpse ANY card, the card they glimpse will always be your force card.

The Packet Force - A hilarious force that allows your spectator to pick 1 of 3 piles, your prediction about their choice will ALWAYS be correct.

The Spirit Crosscut - A fantastic variation for the most fooling force of all - the crosscut force.

The Palm Force - The spectator takes and genuinely cuts the deck ANYWHERE they want - they always cut to your force card.

The Tray Force - A ballsy method for forcing either the left or right packet - with no magician's choice.

The Pass Force - The magician asks for any number, utilizing the pass, he instantly moves the force card to the correct spot.

The Slip Force - The magician riffles through the deck telling the spectator they can tell him to stop at any point. He genuinely stops when asked - revealing the forced card at the chosen location.

The Four Card Force - A devilish method with a 100% success rate at forcing 1 of 4 cards.

The Runoff Force - You genuinely shuffle the deck in plain view of the spectator, telling them to name any number, they name the number - you will ALWAYS deal down to your force card.

The Old Force - This is one of the most classic forces that has been used for centuries. It’s extremely easy

The Water Fountain Force - You overhand shuffle the deck, telling the spectator to stop you at any point, when they call stop, they arrive at your forced card.

The Coin Force - A hilarious method for forcing a packet of cards, using just 7 coins.

High Card Force - The spectator picks out a packet of cards, they pick one card from the packet, this card will ALWAYS be your force card. (also included a full mem deck routine using this method…)

The Impossible Prediction Force - This force like many others could be its own routine! The spectator reaches into the deck and picks out a card - you tell them whatever the value of the card is will be how far you deal down in the deck. Whatever the value - 6,7,8, you always land on the force card.

The Blatant Force - A ridiculously ballsy method for forcing a card when a number under 15 is named. (also included a theory on how to apply this method using the mem deck and ACAAN…)

The reversal force - an easy method for forcing a card at ANY named number (only one move required to pull this off, and minimal setup…)

The Crosscut Force - the most fooling force in all of magic (as proved by psychologists)

The Brave Force - As indicated by the name, a ridiculous force that requires a lot of bravery to pull off - but when it works you’ll always force the top card at ANY desired number. (also included a full routine that works with this method…)

The Joker Force - Force two cards at a random position the spectator cuts to, all using just a joker card.

The Chan Canasta Force - An entirely mental force that works 70% of the time, and works off the premise of genuinely free choice.

Now that’s a lot of forces - but that’s just the ones that use a deck of cards, also included…

BONUS Number Forces - We go over 7 forces in this section, including how to ALWAYS force the same number with completely fair dice, change any picked number into the number 5 using a calculator, and much more…

BONUS Misc. forces - Our 2 favorite miscellaneous forces, included in this section a fantastic book test…

BONUS Deck Switches - Theodore Annemann goes over a few of his favorite deck switches.

BONUS Prepared Cards - A guide to Theodore Annemann's favorite gimmicked and prepared packets and decks. 

Now that’s a lot of forces, and as you know…

Learning a good force is an IRREPLACEABLE tool in any magician's repertoire.

Once you finish our course, you’ll have mastered 31 of them, from one of the most reputable sources in all of magic - Theodore Annemann.

(meaning they'll never be another situation in the rest of your magic career where you can't find a good way to force a card.) 

Now maybe you’re thinking - get to the point - how much are you going to make me pay for all this?

Well in total you’re going to get:

31 handpicked forces inc. color, number, and card (all accompanied with easy video tutorials totaling 1+ hours)

A complimentary digital copy of 202 Methods of Forcing by Theodore Annemann.

An easy to read, written commentary, that accompanies each and every force we’ve highlighted from the book (totaling 7,000+ words)

Multiple ORIGINAL modern variations and routines we’ve added to these classic forces.

INSTANT ACCESS (start learning today)

But despite all that, and the grueling work of putting a classic magic book into a digital format,

We’re selling all of the above for the price you choose.

Pay what you want - minimum $9.95

As we’ve said before, if you believe this project to be worth more than $9.95, please pay more.

(a clever way of spending is to pay exactly the price that will actually make you use the project…)

But the point of all this is to make it accessible to ALL magicians.

At such a low price we believe we can really make an impact, and start getting magicians who never would have considered a deep dive into this book to really pay it some attention.

AND, don’t forget.

Every single product you buy from The Daily Magician comes with a LIFETIME REFUND GUARANTEE.

Meaning that even if 50 years later you find this product hiding in your files and realize you never really cared for it - we’ll refund you.

No questions asked.

So if this interests you, please don’t hesitate to buy now!

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